Every one desires to build his or her own Empire in this material world and there is nothing wrong with it.

It’s every person’s dream to become the Most powerful and Influential person in the world.

The main question is, what is correct algorithm to Achieve it ?

People try their best in their entire life. Some build their Empire successfully, whereas most fail at it.

Story doesn’t end here! Those who achieve success, still fail at maintaining the position due to lack of appropriate Mindset.

We need to understand How Materialistic world functions ?

To do materialistic progress, naturally, you will be associating with people who are materially powerful and at better position than you.

We expect Justice in this world in all situations but practically, people at higher positions many times face situations, where if they behave in fair manner, their position can be in danger. Naturally they are forced to protect their Power, Position and Wealth at all times by any means at any cost. They are forced to manipulate justice system. This may cause potential negative repercussions among society.

On the other hand, even though if They behave fairly enough, other people subordinate to them will always try to compete in order to Dethrone them. We can’t expect Legitimate behavior from subordinate jealous people who want to own the Throne in any possible way at any cost.

These both scenarios create Imbalance, Chaos and War like situations.

Also, There will be someone always ahead of you at every level of success in terms of Wealth, Beauty, Power and Knowledge.

The challenge is, you are constantly forced to compete with Higher power as well as you’re positively controlling Subordinate energies, simultaneously maintaining Harmony and Peace !

Even if you won the throne after Tremendous genuine Hard-work & struggle, new challenge arises is How to protect the throne from jealous enemies who will be always thinking, designing and implementing strategies to dethrone or destroy you.

When we progress, it’s natural that people who can’t be at our position become Jealous and it becomes important task to handle it carefully as well as patiently on priority to avoid, Negativity and Toxicity from such people.

Also, there are personal struggles in terms of Old age, Diseases, Death threats, Natural calamities and Man made calamities.

Sometimes, our mind negatively gets affected by Negativity and Toxicity around us.

How Mindset can help to Handle this all ?

We need appropriate Mindset to face these unavoidable chaotic situations such that our Throne is safe, We are safe and Our Empire Grows.

Every-time we won’t be able to decode the deception or negative manipulations created by our enemies or Rivals.

But number of enemies can be reduced if we behave with Genuine Compassion with every one.

There will be always situations, you will be forced to take decisions which are beneficial to you but you have to ensure that you are maintaining appropriate balance and following principles of Ethics and Justice.

When we deal with Higher powers than us, we need to be extra careful such that We’re not Exploited, Our Self Respect is not Hurt, We’re not Burdened, Our Independence is not compromised or there is no Danger to our life but still Friendship is maintained. There is no book which explains how to do this but we learn it from Experiences.

When we deal with Subordinate energies, we need to ensure that we are keeping friendly relationships such that less people are belonging to jealous or enemy category or against us but Simultaneously, ensuring that you are safe from deception and negative manipulations.

Friendships can be strengthened by adding values and improving life of other people.

Always think how can I improve this situation ?

Empower and prepare your self mentally to face enemies who will be always willing to go at any level to defeat you. Seek divine help by meditating and praying to Lord Almighty. Read scriptures or appropriate books to develop and implement strategies to protect yourself as well as your Loved ones.

Believe in yourself that you’re best creation of God. See at every challenge as an Examination. Don’t forget that Divine power is always with you. Use and protect your empire to serve yourself, to serve people you Love as well as Divine Supreme Power.

Believe that, God chooses Hardest battles for his Bravest Soldiers ! Not all Storms come to destroy you but to clear your path !

Be wise enough to identify and protect yourself from Deception and Negative manipulations, present invisibly at every step.

Even if you fail feeling Hopeless, Don’t give up to claim your Throne! Rise with tremendous willpower just like as Phoenix rising from Ashes !

While doing this all, always try to be like Alchemist, converting every obstacle in to the opportunity directing towards Happiness, Growth and Peace!

Live in the present moment because we actually don’t have much control over future or past but don’t stop Dreaming !

Even if you are surrounded from all corners by enemies at any stage of Life, Fight courageously and in case, if Death is inevitable, Die with Grace !!!!

Embrace the Uncertainty! Enjoy the Beauty of Becoming! Be Dauntless !!!!

Always try to keep behavior exemplary and inspiring to others with a flavor of True Ego and Humbleness !

Keep Shining, Keep Inspiring and Keep Smiling !!!!

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Matchless Quotes on “Gratitude”:

Gratitude is the Music of the Heart, when it’s chords are swept by the Breeze of Kindness ! 🎶

Gratitude is mark of Nobel Soul and Refined character, which tends to be more Humble, more Joyful and more  Likable. 

Dance, Smile, Giggle, Marvel, Trust, Hope, Love, Wish and Believe with Gratitude. Enjoy every moment of the Journey and appreciate where you’re at this moment, instead of how far you have to go !💯

A little “Thank you” that you will say to someone for a “Little Favour” shown to you is a key to unlock the doors that hide unseen “Greater Favours”. So, Learn to say Thank you !

Gratitude means to be grateful for the Good times and the Lessons in Bad times. Attract grace in your life by being Grateful in both Good and Difficult times.

Gratitude helps you see what is there instead of what isn’t !
Be thankful for everything that happens in your life. It’s all an Experience.

It is the Gratitude that makes our Heart more fertile and allowing other Virtues like as Sincerity and Honesty to develop. 🔥💓

Free yourself from the complexities and drama of your life. Simplify. Look within. Within ourselves, we all have gifts and talents we need to fulfill the purpose we’ve been blessed with. 💫

A grateful Heart is a Magnet for the Miracles.

Always remember the people who have helped you along the way, and don’t forget to lift Someone up.🚣

Gratitude helps to seek opportunity to grow beyond immediate circumstances that we come across.

We should be grateful for our Successes or failures, Honour or Dishonour, Health or Disease, Victory or Defeat, Heat or Cold, Pleasure or Pain. Not only we should see an opportunity to learn something but ultimately search for prospects to take shelter of Supreme power of God.

Gratitude helps us to see hand of God(Nature) in every situation and we feel connected with Divine Grace.
Gratitude can be expressed by selfless service. The struggle ends once gratitude begins.

Acknowledging the Good that you already have in your life is foundation for all abundance.💰

Appreciate your life because even though you might not have it all, you still have life, something that someone else could not have, no matter how much they wanted to !

The desire for more may blind us to what we already have and should be grateful for ! If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough. If you are not thankful for what you have got, it’s very likely that you won’t be thankful for what you are going to get.

Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, chaos in to order, confusion into clarity. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates vision for tomorrow.

Gratitude disconnects us from toxic, negative emotions and shifting our focus on positive emotions. 🌻🌷🌼

Being Happy doesn’t mean you have it all, Happiness simply means you’re thankful for all you have.Happiness can’t be far behind a grateful heart and peaceful mind.🌈

When you radiate and live gratitude, it will attract all good things in the Universe with the matching intensity  of your Gratitude.⚡🌟✨

Gratitude enhances Alertness, enthusiasm, determination, Optimism and energy. This reduces depression and Stress. 

In the face of adversity ask yourself : What’s Good about this ? What can I learn from this? How can I benefit from this? 

Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message in the Mess. And even though life may knock them down, the grateful find reasons, if even small ones to get up!

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want.💯


Positive Thinking and Leadership

✔️Understanding Positive Thinking 🔥

Life is very dynamic and Change is only constant here. The change creates conflicts in our mind which is root cause of all Evils.

All you need to do is find the ways to restore the Harmony, again and again in conflicted mind such that you win every time.

Conflicts erase thin line between rational and Irrational thinking in our mind but we need to find mechanisms to always keep that line.

There are two important aspects: 1) Material Life 2) Spiritual Life, both should go hand in hand with perfect synchronization and Harmony for ultimate success of Human existence.

There are certain things which we can’t control or alter for example: Birth, Old age, Disease & Death. We can’t control our own Urine and shit but we have false Ego and everyone wants to become Supreme Controller.

We need to understand our real & true position as free entity in this universe.
God or Nature is supreme controller who is effortlessly controlling this Universe, Sun, Moon and Earth, Seasons and what not !

We are offered free will but we are not free from consequences of our actions. Every living entity has tendency to enjoy independent of rules of Nature but it can’t. We are compelled by Nature to maintain Harmony and whenever this Harmony disturbs, our life becomes miserable.

If we can serve God in maintaining the Universe by being more accommodating simultaneously, we can live our life Successfully, Peacefully and Happily. This balance will be our Greatest Achievement.

Beloved God has gifted us this beautiful body to take care and Enjoy for our-self as well as Use it for serving Fellow living Beings. We can’t be greedy serving our-self only.

Who is God? God is Nature which is extremely Powerful, extremely Beautiful with All Love, with All Renunciation and Knowledge. Being God’s servant, we are promoted as Extraordinary Beings by Nature!

There is nothing wrong in putting our-self first in everything, Loving our-self first and we our-self should be our first priority always but at the same time, we must be maintaining Harmony and Justice with fellow living beings.

There is no point in too much indulgence in Sense gratification (Hedonism) or doing Hardcore Austerities but rather we need to keep balance between the two.

We must Love & respect ourself for being Perfect creation of God and also, we need to try to Love & respect fellow living beings to maintain Harmony & balance. This is Real Positive thinking.

If your Mind thinks that you are not Good enough, you lack intelligence, you don’t have Good looks, or you’re not good at anything….It’s Okay to think like that.

But remember, Even a dead clock shows correct time twice in a Day!

Even Garbage on street gets moved automatically by nature, decomposed in to Soil, working as Fertilizer for plants !

Our mind tends to think that we are not good enough but it’s not true because there are always Smart ways to improve ourself from the limitations in order to produce glorious Achievements which may not be achieved by even our competitors who may be better than us in terms of Looks, Power, Intelligence or Anything….!

Let whatever be your Limitations, for example: Ugliness, Poverty, Poor health, Poor knowledge, Poor thinking, Poor intelligence, or Anything… It is examination set by Almighty God. Your Role is, still being in above situation, you must be still serving and Loving yourself, your Loved ones and Supreme God and Pass this examination with merit by converting all above limitations into your Actual Powers to grow Limitlessly.

Don’t forget that you can’t be useless because Supreme Lord has created you.

In Actual sense, you are not good enough, if and only if, you are not taking efforts to improve yourself and your situation.

✔️Why you must become a Leader ?🔥

Human life is temporary and we all will be dying one day. This is harsh truth but blessing too !

Do Reverse Engineering of your life, think you are Dead. You’ll miss your Loved ones tremendously . You want to serve them but unfortunately you don’t have Body. Now your journey is different than theirs. You will be crying endlessly in their memories with deep pain.

We will be repenting heavily by thinking that during our existence being alive on Earth, we did’t enough serve our Loved ones with full potential or offered enough Love to them what they deserve and which we could have offered…!

Fortunately you are still Alive, and your Loved ones are too. This is best opportunity for you to serve your Loved ones as well as Lord Almighty. Do what ever you can do to please them, serve them and Love them.

In fact “To Love means to Serve” !

Serve your Loved ones to Highest extent possible of your Potential, with all your Power, overcoming all the obstacles by being a Leader !!!!

A true Leader is never envious of others or finding bad in others, instead his focus is always on improving himself for Loving his followers and Services to his followers.

When we come in contact with Maya which is illusionary energy of Material world, every Soul faces challenges of 6 enemies namely : Envy, Lust, Attachment, Greed, Anger and Pride. Some Souls are able to understand this whereas Some are not ! This plays magical role in everything we face.

If you want to win Heart of any person, you can simply do it by resolving conflict in that Person’s Mind.

You need to think Rationally, with required amount of Passion, Aggression, Determination with Smart thinking in complete balance with Spiritual consciousness, with calculated risk, with Love and Prayer, with faith in Harmony with Supreme Lord to achieve Goal to Serve yourself, your Loved ones and Lord Almighty.

Don’t think you have Time! Time is limited and Goals are too High !!

Always Remember that you are Limitless, Unstoppable, Invincible as you’re Perfect creation of Supreme God!

Please Lord Almighty as well as Your Loved ones with your Glorious and Miraculous Achievements !

Feed your body with Healthy food as well as feed yourself (Soul) with Spiritual as well as Material Wisdom !

Challenge your challenges. Don’t say why me but say Try me which is called Courage!

Keep your body Pure and Avoid intoxication to become your Best Version. In this way, you will be able to serve a person you Love in best possible way.

Always explore : Passion, Art, Music, Romance, Spirituality, Science, Wealth, Food, Health, Knowledge, Love, Compassion, Emotions, Feelings and anything that adds value to Human Life !

Your Life is your Responsibility to keep yourself Happy and on the right Track !

Biggest waste of Human Potential is : Not having enough Compassion for self as well as Fellow living beings.

Never have any false ego. Consider yourself as an Instrument which works in Harmony with Lord Almighty with true Ego!

Use your free will wisely because consequences can be serving you or punishing you. It’s other name is Karma ! People around you perhaps behave against rules of God or not in Harmony with God but it is their problem only. They are creating miseries or sufferings for themselves by generating bad Karma !

If you walk your path Honestly, Sincerely with Devotion, nothing can Harm you !

Choose life of Services/Adventure as well as Luxory/Comfort…Keep balance ! Explore everything ! Keep synchronization between everything and make sense of it !

Follow safety precautions while exploring unknown territories. Always think Rationally. Take calculated Risks. Never Give up !

Keep fighting with your inner Demons. Keep Smiling, keep Shining and keep Inspiring ! Do correct choices and be determined to follow them.

Be Accommodating ! Never fear failures but fear not trying !!

Don’t go into Evil things but be capable of identifying, understanding and protecting yourself and your Loved ones from Evil things !

Be aware of How things won’t work but don’t dwell on it much. Instead, use your potential on thinking and taking
actions which will make things work !

See your Superiors for Inspiration and look at Inferiors with Compassion ! Your competition should be only with yourself in direction of your Growth towards success in both Material and Spiritual Realms .

If you want to change person’s negative behavior towards you, you need to understand that there are always reasons, influences, intentions, beliefs, Habits, experiences and fear behind that negative behavior causing conflicts in his/her minds. If you can help that person, with compassion to resolve all the conflicts, he/she can become your best friend with positive behavior.

Identify distractions on your path and develop mechanisms to overcome them easily. There are always ways to do anything and never forget this .

To win Heart of any person, you need to tune yourself with that person in terms of thoughts, affection, humor, entertainment and anything that works.

It’s not about failure but it’s about what you do after failure to overcome it, How you took efforts and achieved success.

Power of hope ! The belief that something better can always be possible, if you’re willing to work for it and fight for it! This belief will help you to Rise above Voices of Doubt, Anger and Fear !

Don’t let the ugly in others kill the Beauty in you !

Practice like you’ve never won and perform like you never Lost !

Fix broken, face everything without loosing your cool, in Fighting Warrior Spirit in Harmony with outer world with Respect, Confidence and Happiness !

When you Love someone or Respect someone, you take all responsibility to take care of that person, even if he/she shows Dark side, but with keeping yourself safe!

When you don’t understand something, leave it at that instant point of time! Don’t judge it Good or Bad because without understanding, Judgement will be wrong.
Help your friends to realize their Potential, their Abilities and see Miracles !!

When we are stuck in any Hopeless situation, we are unable to see because our vision gets clouded. Identify on which things your mind is focused. You may change that focus and everything may appear with clear vision again! This is similar to operating DSLR Camera!

Illuminate yourself with Light within, with Peace Love Dreams and Services ! Overcome and Rise against the Darkness within !

Fire within us should never Fade ! Chase the dreams with wings of Passion ! Passion for fixing yourself ! Passion for Harmony! Passion for serving your Loved ones and God!

Behave like who you really are during your Existence on Earth but in Harmony with Everything…. !!!! 💯🔥



Travelling is in fact a perfect solution to overcome Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Frustrations and Depression.

Travelling offers a great pleasure in terms of exploring beauty of Nature, Geographies, Topographies, People, Cultures, Music, Art, Rituals and Food.

Let’s make great Memories by embracing Travel !

Travelling enhances personal growth, you step out from comfort Zone to a different environment which makes you to be more responsible with sense of Independence.

Travelling enables to understand your Strengths, Weakness, Morals and ways to convert you in to your Best Version with opportunities to reinvent and Discover yourself.

You will restore inner peace and your views will be broadened by sight seeing, discovering new places and meeting people with diverse backgrounds.

Bookish knowledge gives us only theoretical concepts whereas Travelling is best form of Education which can’t be learned by seeing TV or reading Book at Home.

Real life experiences and knowledge with unexpected and unfamiliar situations will only enhance our Wisdom.

Travelling opens a new door to establish new friendships and relationships which you may appreciate for lifetime !

The Fire within you should never fade and this fire can be only fueled if you choose to travel.

Travelling makes you realize that people of all cultures share basically same Hopes and Aspirations !

Unplanned travelling offers Adventure and Excitement of delving with Unknown, creating Amusing Anecdotes !

For Adrenaline rushing thrill, you may explore Mountaineering, Trekking, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Paragliding, Rock climbing and many more which you may be knowing !

Travelling revives the fun and pleasure of being with Family with added Freshness, re-establishing & re-connecting connections, creating Great Memories.

Travelling can make you a smartest entrepreneur as there can be Great possibility to borrow Amazing business ideas!

To overcome false information about the World and Irrational Phobias, Travelling can be one of the best Antidotes.

Be a Traveler and be an informal Ambassador for what is Good inside us and what is Good inside the world, celebrating our differences and encouraging to be more tolerant of each other with willingness to change for Happiness and Peace ! 💯🔥💓


Embrace the Uncertainty…!😎

images (18)Faith means living with uncertainty, walking a path by letting your Heart guide you like as Lantern in the Dark!

Our life is full of uncertainty.  Life is like a game where you need to play in uncertain scenario & win the game.

Faith is mysterious place where we find courage to believe in things which we can’t see and it enables us to let go of fear of uncertainty.

What is Medicine? It is nothing but science of uncertainty and art of Probability.

Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of confidence. And it is fragile. It can be blackened by fear and superstition.

The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty, not knowing what comes next.

To explore the unknown, it requires tolerating uncertainty.

While trudging on uncertain ways,  fear is induced in the conquest of perfection.

The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become a fearless is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly – indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection.

Always, the Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay whereas falsehood by haste and uncertainty.

So, It’s mandatory that we must be comfortable with probability and uncertainty.

Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty and vulnerability is basically uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.


It sounds funny that I have devoted my life to uncertainty, because Certainty is death of wisdom, thought, creativity.

There will be very few occasions when you are absolutely certain about anything. You will consistently be called upon to make decisions with limited information. That being the case, your goal should not be to eliminate uncertainty. Instead, you must develop the art of being clear in the face of uncertainty.

The mark of a mature, psychologically healthy mind is indeed the ability to live with uncertainty and ambiguity, but only as much as there really is. Uncertainty is no virtue when the facts are clear, and ambiguity is mere obfuscation when more precise terms are applicable.

So, trust the wait, embrace the uncertainty and enjoy journey of becoming. Be Dauntless. If everything is uncertain, then Anything is Possible!

Profound Musings

My friend goes to London!🤗

The date is Dec. 19, 2015 and my friend Sourabh is at Pune’s Lohgaon Airport with all alone, desperately waiting for a Jet airways flight to Abu Dhabi and from there he is supposed to board a flight of Emirates to reach at London Heathrow Airport.


This was Sourabh’s first life time experience of travelling even in airplane. Although Passport-Visa was ready, two days back he received temporary work permit of one week in U.K. from Cognizant Technology Solutions for his first assignment abroad. A  Deputation letter was still pending from client side but client agreed to provide it once Sourabh reaches at company office in UK.

There was a big question mark about where to stay. Sourabh was aggresively searching for houses on rent in Slough in Berkshire, South East England via internet. Depending on rates and distance from company office he decided to seek house in Langley which is a large village in the unitary authority of Slough. He requested about his stay in Langley to one of the houseowner, Mr. Mushtaq who was basically from Pakistan but had settled in Langley village since last 15 years.


Sourabh purchased some typical things like as cooker which are only available in India and packed his bag within one day. By boarding an auto from Hinjewadi to Lohgaon, he has just arrived at airport with heavy luggage. Also, his parents have arrived just now to wish him “Happy Journey!”. Tears are flowing from his mother’s eye who is anxious about safety of her beloved son in some foreign country and having concerns like as where he’ll stay? what he’ll eat? and many more. Father, although with same emotions but trying to hide negative thoughts, pretending to be calm and composed.


With a heavy heart, Sourabh entered in to air plane, offering goodbye to his beloved parents. A beautiful and seductive Arab Air-hostess welcomes him with grin and helps to find his seat. In few hours, he reached at Abu Dhabi airport. He eats a delicious sandwich at corner shop at airport, seating on bench and waiting for next flight to Heathrow airport. Two hours are left for arrival of Emirates flight. Sourabh starts entertaining himself by observing aeroplanes and people at airport of different nations with different cultures.


Magically, two hours are passed in no time and next flight is ready for boarding at Abu- Dhabi airport. Sourabh enters a luxurious and huge plane of Emirates airlines. A gorgeous Blonde Air-hostess greets him with a warm smile and quite hospitality. She helps him to find his window seat. After some time, plane is roaring high in the sky with  fresh, pleasant and elegant environment in and outside the plane.


A beautiful Irish girl with mesmerizing eyes and wearing shorts was luckily seating besides him. She was knowing no one on plane and was in search of some interesting guy to talk. Sourabh couldn’t enjoy her presence neither the scenery outside the window. In fact, his legs were shaking and lips were trembling because he remembered about his bag which he never inquired at Abu Dhabi. Irish girl surprised to see his facial expressions and swiftly asks him,” Do you have any problem?”. Our shy Sourabh explains her about his lost luggage. She assures him that he can collect it at London, Heathrow airport and be cool!

Finally Sourabh arrives at airport helplessly searching for his bag. Sourabh sighs when he sees an Indian person wearing Turbon at help desk. Sardarji exclaims, “Oye Puttar! Are you Sourabh Singh? from India?”. For a moment, Sourabh felt so special that even in UK somebody knows him but he realized that Sardarji is just an employee of airport searching to handover the bag. Sardarji assures him that his bag is coming from Abu Dhabi in another flight and will be delivered at your UK address by tomorrow.


Sourabh himself was unaware of his whereabouts of staying in unknown London city. He reasons for a moment and withdraws a mobile phone from his pocket. To his horror, simcard doesn’t work because Indian local simcards aren’t valid here. He uses free wifi of airport in phone and immediately receives a call from Mr. Mushtaq on WhatsApp.


Now, Sourabh is already having address of Langley county of Mr. Mushtaq, which he provides to Sardarji & requests to deliver the luggage by tomorrow. Mr. Mushtaq instructs Sourabh everything about how to reach. There were two ways to reach to Langley from Heathrow airport. One was to book a black cab which can directly fetch you there costing 8 to 10 Pounds or you can go by bus with just 3 Pounds.


Sourabh thinks, 8 to 10 pounds means almost 1000 Indian rupees which is very expensive. So, he decides to go by a bus. He reaches a desired airport terminal by train from current terminal. From here, buses were likely available for Langley. After little bit of inquiry, he found himself standing in the queue eagerly waiting for a bus to Langley. In Pune nobody follows this rule but in UK, he was patiently doing it.

After entering the bus, conductor asks him for fare. Sourabh finds his wallet, stuggling to choose less amount note among other notes and hands over a 20 Pound note. Actual bus fare was only 3 Pounds and naturally, conductor demands for coins or change but Sourabh doesn’t have it.


Conductor was really generous and nicely advises Sourabh, “Please don’t show this much money to anybody because it’s too dangerous, here. I understand that you’re new in London and from India”. The bus stops at next station to collect a change from other bus conductor. With apologetic tone, conductor returns 17 Pound coins. Sourabh laughs in mind remembering our PMT buses conductors in Pune and compared the behaviors between two. Now, he has reached at Langley village, thanking bus conductor and waiving goodbye!


Sourabh searches for House number 19 of Mr. Mushtaq. After roaming little bit on the strrets, he comes across House number 18 and blindly assumes that next must be House number 19. This creates another embarrasment for Sourabh. UK citizens follow a rule that all neighbour houses are either Even numbered or Odd numbered on the particular street. Sourabh mistakenly entered house of Mr. Wattson who guided him to the direction of respective lane of odd numbered houses.


Finally, Sourabh reaches to the house of Mr. Mushtaq who welcomes him wholeheartedly with warm greetings offering weed to smoke. Sourabh humbly receives hospitality of Mr. Mushtaq but refuses the weed. Mr. Mushtaq intoduces his gorgeous greek girlfriend Laila to Sourabh and then shows the room. Sourabh enters the room at upper floor and sighs, feels comfortable, feeling like he is out of trouble, now.


It’s evening time by now and after getting refreshed and changing clothes, Sourabh comes on ground floor in anticipation of Tea or Coffee. Here, Laila has just cooked delicious “Lasagne” which is basically a ribbon pasta offered to Sourabh along with Cappuccino. This was a pleasant moment for Sourabh. After finshing formal talk with Mr. Mushtaq, Sourabh returns to his room. He inserts newly bought sim-card at Heathrow airport in to his Nexus mobile phone and calls his mother, happily. Here in india, his parents have already arrived at their residence in Solapur travelling back from Pune.


On the next day, Sourabh reaches his Cognizant office on 1,Kingdom Street of London from Langley village in the car of Mr. Mushtaq. Sourabh shifts to another place from Langley within next 7 days. He stayed in different areas of London city and explores UK for next four months.


The lovely time spent by Sourabh in this beautiful country comes to an end. With a heavy heart saying goodbye to all the people, with a lot of experience and memories Sourabh bids a good bye to UK and reaches safely at Delhi airport, back in India on April 22, 2016. Currently, He stays in Pune  and working with Siemens. I’m sharing his sweet story with you along with his beautiful memories in UK via photos, with his due permission. Relish it!!!!


From my Diary

A Place to remember in Pune!

At 5:30 am, you’ll find me jogging on Windsor park apartment road of Wakad sometimes alone or with friends. This is very soul fulfilling to me. The street is quite silent and mystically transcendental, simultaneously showering blessings on whoever walks it with rainy mesmerising fragrance of earth or enchanting winter breeze along with warmth of burning hot fire at corner, sometimes witnessed by crescent moon. 


At the corner of Mouli chowk, after finishing two rounds of walk, my eyes search for a stall of “Indori Poha” and “Adrak wali Chai”.



Now, time is 6:00 am and I’m heading towards Lord Datta’s temple. I feel very blissful after taking darshan of lord, feeling fully fresh & energized to fight battle for the day.


For lunch, I prefer either “Yarron Da Adda”, “Hotel Priyanka” or “Punjabi Swad” on Datta Mandir road. Here, I find delicious, nutritious & hygienic food. After finishing lunch while coming back to house, on the way you can have a glass of Juice opposite to Polaris Hospital or a glass of Lassi or Milk at Mouli dairy.



On weekends, I enjoy watching movies at multiplex “E-square Xion mall”. Besides it, there are D-mart, Big Bazaar, Brand factory and many more to relish shopping.


On Datta Mandir road you’ll enjoy many small stalls of Pani Puris, Vadapav, Samosas, Dosas, Idlis, Kachoris, Kulphi and many other snacks. For dinner, I prefer either  “Hotel Jalsa” or “Aadhi Potoba”. Their food quality is awesome and serving staff is very friendly.





Are we aware of it?

🕯Unconditional Love


I’m mesmerized by Gautama Buddha’s statement, “You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your Love and Affection”. Mother Teresa’s golden words fascinate me, “There is more hunger for Love and Appreciation in this world than for bread”. My favourite Guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s words on love, “When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power, world will know Peace!”.

The famous spiritualist His Holiness Radhanath Maharaj defines love, “To Love means to Serve!”. Google engine defines,”Love means nothing but an affection without any limitations, or love without conditions”. My father says, “Unconditional love means Love without Logic”. One funny definition I found on internet about love that I’d like to share is “Love is giving power to somebody to destroy you but trusting that he/she won’t”.

We all Love💓 something in our life maybe persons or things and we all have our own criteria for loving. Yes! People love according to their hidden requirements or tastes of interest.  Generally, a person loves other person depending on quality in terms of Wealth💰, Beauty👄, Knowledge📚 Power🏋or Character🕴. More of the qualities more the lovers you have! This is very general observation of mine. This Love comes with a*Star mark along with conditions 🤗 and seems intricately contaminated by Evil Mottos.

I’ve noticed that we love ourself Unconditionally but when time comes to love others, we do it conditionally. Even we love God conditionally because when problems come in our life in that case only we remember him and we go to seek blessings at his places 🏕⛪🕌🕍.

We’re wise enough to know that conditinal love is ego centered, only last so long as certain unspoken rules and conditions are met. I’ll love you only when you do what I say. I’ll love you only when you’re successful or popular. I’ll love you only when you’ve certain amount of money💰. Many of us have experienced these kinds of shallow relationships.  Why it is so that the same person who gives you so much love & affection becomes the cause of hurt & pain? Why our lives are disrupted by our own relations with whom we in the first place received so much Love & Affection? Like plants🌿 that don’t receive sunlight die eventually, we also miserably die ⚰, spiritually becoming sick, starved and desperate.

It is very strange that some people love others to gratify their own self. It disheartens me when I see that they manipulate other people by wearing cloak of Love. It is heart burning to see some Sons are shifting their unconditionally loving Mothers to Old people care center to keep their conditional lovers🤔. It annoys me when a girl cheats on her Loyal husband for more wealth💳. It’s highly disturbing to see when a husband cheats on a chaste nice wife just to fulfill his apetite for 💋 lusty carnal pleasures.

The opposite thing comes in to play here is Unconditional Love with No *Star mark.  The Unconditional Love is very Pure, Blissful and Sacred form of love. It can be a love of  mother for her child no matter how that child is. It can be Love of God towards his Devotee no matter how Pure a devotee is. It can be selfless friendship between two or more Souls or it can be a pure love between husband & wife. This form of love is more perfect & more fulfilling the thirst of the souls🌧. When we fall in love with someone, we love to be in the company of that person, as the bright🌞sunlight of love comes gushing through that person’s Soul & we feel blissful. Receiving pure love from another person bestows a great blessing on us.

Mahatma Gandhi said once, “If you want to see the change in the world then be the change“. If we crave for unconditional love then we must give it others. This is analogus with Newton’s third law of motion, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction“. Ask yourself, “Am I putting conditions on this relationship?“. We’ll have to become conscious of triggers that succumb us to become conditional lovers. We may give something to someone without wanting anything in return.

Unconditional love is all about absolute acceptance and openness to yourself and others; it is the most powerful force in the universe affecting our physical, emotional, psychological and spirituial well being. I strongly perceive that the five Symbols namely Trees🌳, Flowers🌼, Sun🌞, Moon🌛 and Water💧 are being full of Unconditional Love. I believe in my heart that they’re extremely Sacred entities. Unconditional Love can be the only thing in the entire universe that truly helps to experience the Joy, Freedom, Acceptance, and Peace we are so craving for!



Being a customer!

Can we trust E-commerce websites in India?

The E-commerce giant companies in India today are Amazon.in and Flipkart.com

The E-commerce is governed by the Information Technology Act, 2000 (also known as ITA-2000, or the IT Act) which is an Act of the Indian Parliament (No 21 of 2000) notified on 17th October, 2000 based on the United Nations Model Law recommended by the General Assembly of United Nations dated on 30th January, 1997.  

I’d love to share my experiences with you using Amazon.in, once I ordered a birthday present  from Amazon. The order status on website was showing as delivered but actually, it wasn’t. Immediately, I contacted Amazon customer service and informed them this incidence. Amazon representative was so kind and she promptly issued a replacement with the fastest shipping speed. Exactly, one day before the birthday of my friend, I received the item. This brought smile on my face.

In an other incidence, I ordered a Dog food for my friend’s dog from Amazon. Unfortunately in an accident a Dog died. The dog food was unused and I contacted customer service to return it. Their representative reciprocated with me very warmly. Not only he was very compassionate for  the loss of the Dog but also practically he showed an empathy towards me by refunding a full amount, letting me keep the item or donate it. Here I realized, how Amazon is earth’s most customer centric company.  

My experience with Flipkart also has been very nice. Once I ordered my Adidas shoes from Flipkart and size was sent wrong. I contacted Flipkart and they apologize about the error.  On Priority, they sent me a replacement with right size.

Personally, I’m fascinated by E-commerce websites like as Amazon.in or Flipkart based on their below world-class features:

  • The security systems
  • Privacy
  • Reputation of the company
  • Payment methods offered
  • Customer service provided (Email, Chat and Phone)
  • The website design
  • Control of technology
  • Ease of usage
  • User friendliness of the website
  • The competitive prices offered by the company

If you worry about E-commerce security of the above websites, they’re already using the very advanced techniques to protect customer’s data from cyber attack.

According to a study done by Indian Institute of E-Commerce, by 2020 India is expected to generate $100 billion online retail revenue out of which $35 billion will be through fashion e-commerce. Online apparel sales are set to grow four times in coming years.

E-commerce brings convenience for customers as they do not have to leave home and only need to browse website online, especially for buying the products which are not sold in nearby shops.

It could help customers buy wider range of products and save customers time. Consumers also gain power through online shopping. They are able to research products and compare prices among retailers.

Also, online shopping often provides sales promotion or discounts code, thus it is more price effective for customers. Moreover, e-commerce provides product’s detailed information; even the in-store staff cannot offer such detailed explanation. Customers can also review and track the order history online.

Customers expect Human interaction when they regret the purchase of a product, it involves returning goods and refunding process. To resolve this problem, Amazon.in or Flipkart very meticulously recruits their employees because the employee’s level of professionalism & loyalty becomes very crucial factor. They invest so much in training of their employees such that customers should be served with utmost perfection.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying buying from E-commerce websites since last 5 years and my experience is very positive about it. I hope that you also enjoyed buying from online.


How you'll do it?

Rejecting the Rejection😀

Our life had been consistently influenced by the fear of rejection since our Childhood, holding us back from performing at our best.

Yes, we’re faced with rejection every single day. It can be in the form of someone disagreeing with you, someone saying no to your request, not getting the job or promotion you want, being made redundant, or just not being liked by someone. In addition, the more we try new things (fundamental if we’re to grow and develop), stepping out of our comfort zone, the more rejection we open ourselves up to – and we hate it.

Often we fear because our mind concocts something from the situation despite of  actual facts. Ask yourself, how else could this situation be reasoned? What might be someone else’s perspective?

We base our fears on the feedback of very few people. Only when you receive the same feedback from a very large sample should you take note, as there may be something to learn and work on. If it’s a common theme, take note and learn how to improve in that area.

When we’re rejected, we feel like our whole being and overall worthiness is being rejected. We fail to realise that it’s actually only one very small part of ours.

Anticipating rejection can trigger irrational feelings and beliefs like as shame, anger,  hurt or jealousy etc. Realise that these are extreme responses; the world will not end if these things happen.

A fear of rejection can be worse in those who haven’t experienced much rejection or adversity in their life before. We have quite easy lives these days. You might just be out of practice.

Rather than think, “You’re so stupid for thinking you could do that,” mentally strong people treat themselves with compassion. They respond to negative self-talk with a kinder, more affirming message.

If one company turns you down for a job, please don’t declare yourself as incompetent. Or, if you get rejected by a single love interest, please don’t conclude you’re unlovable.

You can only get over your fear by being actively rejected more and more. There’s therefore no benefit whatsoever in trying to avoid it. Expose yourself to rejection and you’ll realise you can cope.

A negative comment says something about the ‘rejector’ too, not just you. It’s a bit of both. If someone thinks you’re useless at your job, perhaps they’re quite a critical, judgemental person with unrealistic expectations. Who cares what someone like that thinks of you.

If you accept that you can’t be perfect, and that there is always something new and important to learn, then rejection can be feared less, because, actually, you want to know what you’re not doing that well, or what you could work on, in order to be a better person. No one is the complete package.

Only through experiencing rejection, and practising your coping skills, can you develop your ability to remain resilient. By exposing yourself to it, you will learn it is not as bad as you think. You learn that you have the skills to put up with the discomfort it creates in you. By tolerating this discomfort, you can progress and try new things.

It’s actually very important that you tolerate this discomfort, as it forces us to learn how to deal with adversity in others areas of our life too.

Those with high self-esteem find rejection easier to accept. They have already taken an honest inventory of their shortcomings and therefore accept their faults and limitations. They have a clearer, more logical view of themselves, and don’t reject their whole self when receiving negative feedback. This is an approach you can all learn from and implement. Completing a SWOT analysis on yourself is a good place to start.

What people think of you can still matter to you. You can’t lie to yourself on that one. However, it doesn’t need to hold you back, or define you. Accept the good with the bad.

Rejection can be a Good Teacher. Use rejection as an opportunity to move forward with more wisdom. Please stand for yourself and don’t give up. Reject the rejection!